Event Info

Date: July 20th, 2011
Venue: Nokia Sports Center Park, Nokia, FINLAND


April 15th
Launch of Presidents Cup rules and schedules

May 15th
Nomination of team captains

July 4th
Team nominations

July 4th
Captain choices are made (for mens division)

July 19th
Presidents Cup Press conference

October 5th
Presidents Cup Event


Presidents Cup tournament rules can be downloaded here: President_Cup_rules_2010.



Team USA defeated Team Europe in the inaugural Presidents Trophy. The event was held in Tampere, 23th of August, 2006.

USA collected 24,5 points against Europe´s 14,5 points. It was the ladies who took it over. Both Carrie Berlogar and Valarie Jenkins beat opponents Birgitta Lagerholm and Niloofar Mossavarrahmani in singels and in match play. Competition was tight between men players. For example Jesper Lundmark got a sweet victory over Ken Climo. Finland´s Timo Pursio earned 2 singels points to his team but could not hold against Nathan Doss who won the matchplay and took full 3 point to team USA. David Feldberg and Markus Källström tied the matchplay points after hole 18. Belgiums Marco Lehousse played great golf to beat Avery Jenkins in Matchplay to earn 3 point to team Europe.


Team America won the Presidents cup against Team Europe (28 – 24)

Team USA defend the title at the Presidents Cup. It came quite close at the end but Carrie Berlogars 10-meter putt sealed the victory to Americans with 28 points against 24. Team Europe lost strokeplay with 19 to 9 which was too much to catch up at match play.


26.08.2009 – Team USA takes home the Presidents Cup again Third time was not the charm for Team Europe despite many hoping for a change in reign of the Presidents Cup this year. Team USA was again victorious and will take the Cup back home Ð this time with a stunning score of 27.5 against Europes 4.5.

Team Captains David Feldberg (USA) and Hasse Tegeback (Europe) agreed that the strength of the American players lies in their professionalism. Team USA played a solid round of 18 holes, whereas European players did not perform on their usual level.

In 2010, Team USA will for the first time defend the Presidents Cup on home ground, as the competition will be held in connection with the U.S. Disc Golf Championships. Players are excited to see the competition on a new continent, and TD Jussi Meresmaa is proud to export this part of Finnish and European disc golf culture to the most prestigious tournament in the world.

European Open broke records during the Presidents Cup, as the competition – despite the grey weather – was witnessed by the largest crowd ever in the history of the Cup.

Presidents Cup Organization

Presidents cup is organized in co-operation with several parties including atleast:



Jussi Meresmaa (TD)

Janne Kotka (TD)

Please feel free to ask the TDs more about the event at – janne.kotka(at)opendiscgolf.com